Thursday, July 12, 2012


Let me preface this post by saying, i am not trying to impose my beliefs on anyone and i know everyones situations are different. I am also not trying to be "preachy" rude or anything negative. So do not get upset take it like a grain of salt or go to the next post.

Today i my ProLife opinions/beliefs where questioned and the overwhelming thoughts through my head thinking about my opinions before my pregnancy and my opinions after having my Bug made me cry to the point where i had no answer or response just tears rolling down my face and my mouth was shut.  I am not an over emotional person but this is a subject where my thoughts and my heart can not formulate and communicate everything i want to say and how i want to say it all.

There are a lot of opinions i have that have that when presented with facts, logic (and sometimes even a lot of reason) that change.  I also have a lot that will never change, like my faith and my belief on abortion.  I know i am surrounded by love and in a completely different situation than most people but i am beyond grateful for being able to hear Gods words and be in his embrace when i found out i was pregnant. I also know i am not in a position (nor will i ever be) to judge another for anything, their life or actions included.

I can only speak for my experience and my life and my beliefs and my opinions. I remember the last conversation i had with my ex that left me in tears praying to the point where the words were not coming out but i just sat there praying and crying...i remember hearing God tell me go don't look back and go.  That is what i did and in the last three years i have not second guessed my Gods words at all. Though times are hard, frustrating and many days are exhausting yet i find it easy to have a grateful over joyed blessed heart for where i am and where we are going.

I am thankful, grateful and blessed beyond measured. I am optimistic because i have an amount of faith that bubbles over and my faith bubbling over allows me to continue to be optimistic. For these reasons i know i can do all things through Christ and i am a highly favored child of God. I have made mistakes and backslide but his love for me is amazing. 

The life that was planted in me and depends on me has a reason and a destiny...and i believe that.  I wont take it for granted and if you are around me you know i am determined to instill all i can in my bug.  Thank you to all those around me and my bug who (along with my faith) give us love, comfort, and security knowing that everything will be more than OK.  I know many woman do not have this luxury, especially those who make the choice to end the life that i believe was given to me for a reason.


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