Monday, July 23, 2012

Who cries when you LEAVE the Dentist?!

My heart melted as we left the dentist and my Bug was crying because it was time to go home.  Who cries when they have to leave the dentist of all places!? Apparently my Bug.

I think that allowing a toddler or preschooler to go to a pediatric dentist starting off will allow kids to have a great impression of going to the dentist that builds life long good habits.  This week i found out that HealthNet Dental does not have the same line of thinking and you basically take what you get.  Well as i fight the fight for my son, today i just bit the bullet and paid out of pocket for my son to have a check up at a GREAT dentist office The Tooth Booth. 

The staff was awesome from talking on the phone, to helping us in person, and interacting with my baby Bug.  Their office was tailored to kids from the second you walk in the door.  Video games, cartoon movies, themed rooms, and interactive stuffed animals.  Now i think the interactive little animal was a bit creepy looking with his dentures, but i see the point after my bug was going to town sitting in the chair brushing his dinosaurs teeth.

The staff was great, the explained things to him, let him see it, touch it and hear it before they used it on him. Every room we went into had a TV showing a cartoon movie and had toys like the creepy dinosaur.  My Bug was saying "ahhhh" and showing the Dentist teeth, it was just really awesome. He was even thrilled because they gave him money to use in a machine to get a toy before we walked out!

Walking out the dentist office i am even more excited and confident in my decision to pay out of pocket for a great experience.  This first visit has made an amazing first impression for a life time of good habits that will be formed to follow!

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