Thursday, July 12, 2012

It is official...we are now "Team #3"

I still do not believe time fly's because i remember every moment that lead us to this day and i am glad that i do.  My Bug is oh so special and the days get even more spectacular as they pass.

This year i threw my Bug a birthday party in our new house and i am not to bashful to say it was nothing short of amazing!

Candy Chips and ChooChoo's!
My cousin and i counted all the people we remember who were able to make their way out to celebrate and at one time we have about 56 people in our home! 56 people! Love, joy, support and blessings are things i am so grateful to have surrounding us.

Decorated Water Bottles!
This was the first time i have have ever ordered a bounce house for an event and i have to say it turned out well (i was pretty happy for that, after all i was scared it was not going to fit)! We decorated the entire front room with hanging decorations, and even changed all the little water bottles so they matched our party theme as well.

We bounced, we kicked it in the kiddie pool, we ate...all day we ate, then we got to see all the fireworks in the sky around out house as we lite sparklers with the little ones in the front yard.

Cake Pop Train -Thanks Auntie April & Uncle Reggie
Train Cake-Thanks Auntie Jane
It was a great day and i am looking forward to the next parties being just as great or even greater!

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