Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smart Bug

My Bug is gonna be something special. 

he is a genius and he doesn't like this all toddlers?

He is in a head start program now, they tell him to sit and he runs away. They explain to him he needs to have his listening ears on and do what the teachers instruct him to and he screams.  So of course he was, to say the least, a bit annoying today in school for the teachers. 

Then they got to puzzle time. When all the other kids were doing one puzzle my bug does three puzzles.  Takes them apart and puts them together, at the same time mind you, all before the other kids finished taking apart their puzzle.

His teachers were amazed, i am child is genius DUH! He just doesn't like authority.  Which leads me to the thought...i am going to be in trouble in the future because it seems to me my child is getting bored with the traditional learning routines in school.  These are the times i am going to have to start looking into private or charter schools and scholarships for when we hit grade school.

Or I'm gonna start hitting up aunties and uncles to band together so i can get help with tuition because i can already see this not going so well.

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