Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swim Class Review

So we finished out swimming lesson and i have to say it was worth the money i paid for it.  It was through the city and it was a bit more pricey than i thought it was going to be, so i was happy when i was able to see an improvement in my Bug at the end of the classes.

During his classes he learned to:
  • Listen more (we are still working on it but it got dramatically better compared to the first day) 
  • Blow bubbles 
  • Kick his feet 
I have to say all three of those things along with learning basic pool safety like running not walking around a pool, and sitting down to wait for an adult before you enter the pool are pretty good things for a toddler to have learned!

If i find the funds we will be doing swim class again (since we live in an area were we can basically swim all year long), but as for now i am waiting on the magical moment when we can move to the next and do a city sport activity!!  Cant wait to be a team mom its gonna ROCK!!!

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