Thursday, July 26, 2012


My Bugs journal is the good the bad and the gross!

Today is the gross so be advised...

Yesterday the Bug was fighting a running nose, a cough and some chest congestion.  SO i decided to keep him home from school.  He did ok with Nana, so i did not think to much of anything just thought he was getting getting better.  I gave him some night time medicine and he was able to breath and get some sleep.

About 2 am he came into my bed and fell asleep with me, which was normal.  About 3 am he woke up and was talking in sleep.  I thought that was pretty funny because i do the same thing so for all i know we were having a conversation until i woke up.  I went back to sleep and woke up at my normal 5am to get the day started.

I was brushing my teeth when i heard my Bug walking down the hall.  He knew where i was and he didn't run into the restroom like he normally does so i walked into the hallway to see what he was doing.  Here is where things get gross if you have a weak stomach read fast lol. I look down the hall to see my bug standing with legs shoulder width apart and arms out as if he was in mid pause of doing a jumping jack  COVERED in poo.  When i say covered i mean COVERED front to back from his shoulders down to feet. 

He looked so scared i felt bad for him, so i was talking in a normal tone letting him know what we were gonna do and he just kept saying "ok", it was kind of sad.  We stripped his clothes off, wiped him down, and i put him in the tub.  Then I went on an investigation, because i knew if he looked this bad i had NO IDEA what my bed looked like.  I walked into my room to see pools of poo on my bed...POOLS. I mean i still am amazed when i think about it, because i am completely uncertain on how that amount of poo came from one LITTLE toddler!

So at 5:30am i bathed by Bug, washed my sheets, washed my pillow covers, washed my bed spread, scrubbed and disinfected my mattress (thank God for the mattress cover), scrubbed my carpet and the trail of poo that followed.  I was so freaked i put my just about potty trained bug right back in a diaper after i got him clean because i did not know if another explosion was coming or not.

The bug has been doing ok all day so far, but i know it was a crappy way (ha ha ha get it) to start the day.  Its all good now, but when we get home there will be more cleaning and disinfecting (b/c i am OCD) and a budget thats been redone to accommodate new pillows and mattress cover for my room! We will see how tomorrow morning goes...eeewwwwl.

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