Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh to be a kid...

Lately i watch my bug and i think of the things that are new and exciting to him but are just logical and normal everyday things to me...and i laugh.For example, if he falls asleep on the couch one day them magical wakes up in his bed...amazing.

Even the supper cute things get me all giddy, like my bugs imagination allowing him to believe he is a pirate.  Grandpa bought him all the necessary gear for his birthday to aid in this and the bug loves every piece.  We get out of the shower and put our jammies on and all i hear is "yo yo yo yo pirate", in English that translates to the Bug singing " Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me".  So the super cute part, last night he is falling asleep, in full pirate get up attire with his Tic-Toc flashlight and is never land sword by his side, and I hear my Bug dozing off singing "yo yo yo yo pirate".

He is just so amazed and intrigued i love watching him and his imagination at play. My baby Bugs biggest problem in the world is no problem right now and i am beyond grateful i can see him grow in this life right now.

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