Friday, October 19, 2012

Can you Say Friday?

My Bug does random things through out the day that reassure me he is a smart kid that is doing things on his terms...not mine.

I am trying to get him to use his words more so i say words and have him repeat them, but in a question and answer sort of format.  One of the things we do is going through the days of the week daily.  I say what day of the week is it...if he doesn't know what day it is he says "ummm what day is it"...this happens most of the time but in time i figure he will catch on. 

Oh and a little background, on Fridays for dinner i try to do pizza for dinner, he loves pizza. I think its a good family tradition to start something of this nature that he is excited about now, with the hopes that nights like this just continue as he gets older or as our family grows. 

So now onto this morning as i am driving him to his Nana's and this was our conversation:

M: What day of the week is it today?
B: Ummmm what day is it
M: Its Friday can you say Friday?
B: Umm Pizza
M: Yes pizza is for dinner on Fridays can you say Friday?
B: Oh Yummy

This little genus wont tell me its Friday but he will tell me whats happens on Friday because he KNOWS what he gets to eat at dinner on Fridays!

Then i laugh and shake my head saying this is only the beginning of him taking his stubbornness to the limits.

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