Saturday, October 20, 2012

3 year old Stats

So our stats

The Bugs Weighs in at 33 lbs and is 38 Inches tall.  He wears a size 11 shoe in kids (and is just about out of those already).

PS my shoe complaint (yes i know i have many more shoes to buy for this boys growing foot)
MAY  i bought him a pair of shoes...3 weeks later they are to SMALL so my dad bought him a full size bigger and the girl said in about month he will be another half size.  AND NO LATER THAN 4 WEEKS PASS and he is in a FULL size bigger...UGH.

SO now we are three months past that and he is just about out of these...OH well some people put ten dollars away per pay check for tires i have to put money away per pay check for the Bugs shoes!

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