Friday, December 10, 2010

Toy Corner

Last night i took the time to clean "Toy corner" and it looks pretty good now. 

Toy corner is the corner of my living room where all my Baby Bugs toys are kept.  It had to be cleaned and sorted thoroughly.  During the day his corner explodes and makes these crazy gauntlets all over my living room so now was the time to get in there and make things happen. 
Before #2

Before #1

I waited until he was with Grandpa for the evening and then i went through everything in one quick swoop!

I am greatful for everything that was given to me, it was all a blessing to help and aid in his growth and develpoment, so i have choosen to keep the gift of giving.  I gave some stuff to a friend who has a baby boy who needs the same stimulating mind grow toys, and then i gave some to Child and Family Services. 

If you didn't know this is a great place to doonate things.  Old clothes, bottles, toys and all other sorts of goodies.  They have kids that arent in "good" places and have to be removed from their homes and placed with other family members or foster families.  In between the time of being removed and being placed in a new environment their Social Worker has to take care of them, and genreally they are in an office during this time.  Those workers need bottles, toys and clothes to help these kids in transit.  I am thankful that any little thing i can do to aid in someones life can make a difference.  Especially a child who might need an outift, a clean bottle, or even a stuff animal to take with them through what can be a very emotional time in their life. 

At church last week a seed was planted in mind to really think locally and not solely globally when i am thinking of those who would appreciate assistance.  During this season i think we should not only give back but put some thought in our gifts and giving, anyone can sign their name on a check, or throw their pocket change in a bucket. When spend a little more time you can find all sorts of ways to help...even if you a busy super woman ;o).  Another plus i now have a clean toy corner!
Lovely clean toy corner

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