Friday, December 24, 2010

Break Down on flight till day 2 of our trip...

I was really anxious to see what my Bugs reaction would be like flying. I got to the airport so very early, was getting on the shuttle and Leonard Roberts walks off and says "ma'am let me help you". I was star truck and in awe this beautiful man was so nice and helping with out me having to ask for help or struggle!

We got in the airport and check in then we had to go through TSA. It wasn't to bad until they checked my Bugs milk that had to travel. I had two sippy cups and two Capri Suns. The milk past inspection just fine, but the capris set off the machine like crazy. It started beeping and flashing "explosive detected" in red all over the screen! I was like um u can just toss them I don't want a hassle and they did but then I got the pat down and got fondled. They kept letting me know I was not traveling with his juice and I kept letting them know it was fine I didn't want the hassle of anything else.

Then we got to the gate and I let the bug run around! He hadn't slept all morning so he was exhausted by the time they let us board. He fell asleep during boarding! Which was awesome because he slept for 2.5 hours. Then he woke up and was restless for an hour, then calmed down for the last hour and just watched the lights out side as we started to land.

We have had the greatest time so far! We went to Washington Union Station shopped and ate lunch. The bug even saw a model train set running.

So far its been an awesome trip, its just COLD! I'm cold all day and night and can't wait to get back to cali's warm arms, but I'm curious to see what the flight home has in store.

 Until then I'm enjoying this time with our family and all that is new my Baby Bug is seeing!

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