Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party!

This weekend we went to the cutest most entertaining Christmas Party I've ever been to, well at least as a mom. It was GREAT really.  I didn't have to find a sitter, my bug had an AMAZING time, i got to enjoy Christmas festivities with great friends and my son.

We got to the party around 4 and things jumped off from exciting from there.  My Bug immediate clicked with a group of 4 year old boys.  They ran, jumped, wrestled, and climbed up and down the stairs almost all night.  Then they started doing crafts.  The older Kids were all into decorating cookies while the little guys where making reindeer crafts. 
Of course my Baby Bugs had to be a little different, before the end of the night he lost an antler but i still love him all the same. 

Then all the kids ate pizza, while my Bug continued to run up the stairs and slid down.  Just as eating pizza came to an end there was a knock at the door.  All the kids looked puzzled as to who could be showing up at the party this late.  The door opened and there he was... Santa! Big red suit, white flowing beard carrying a big red bag of toys. All the kids were shocked! One little boy even asked "Santa how did you know I'd be here!" hahahah

My friend had all the parents bring wrapped gifts and hide them from their kids, so when Santa came he handed out all the goodies from his red bag! It was the cutest thing ever, these kids didn't know HOW Santa pulled that off.  My friend even hired a  photographer to capture all these wonderful moments.  My Bug did well with Santa but he was upset Santa was ruining his play time.  He didn't wanna sit on Santa's lap b/c he wanted to climb up and down the stairs. Of course i made Santa hold him tight so the picture could be captured.
Then Santa handed out gifts and went along his merry way.  As he left i heard another little boys saying "i wish we could have gone out side to see his reindeer".  The photographer then took individual family portraits next to the 11foot Christmas tree of all the family's and groups of friends.  My baby bug was done with pictures and went right back to playing with all the boys, and his Mr. Potato head that Santa brought him ;o)

My friend did an amazing job.  We had a great time and made so many wonderful memories.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and i cant wait for someone to do it next year...hey maybe Santa will make an appearance at a Christmas i throw somewhere down the line ;o)

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