Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cleaning toys

Think its important to disinfect toys every once in a while. I try to do so twice a month.

Toys get dragged all over the floors, and slobbered on by him and friends so its a necessary step. Its real easy the way I do it. I fill the bath tub half way up and two caps of Clorox Bleach and dumb in all the toys that are not electronic or cloth. Then I swish them around for a minute or so and then drain the water. I turn the shower on and spray the toys down to rinse any residue and left over chemical off.

I have a crazy thing about bleach, actually I hate it. The smell and its power just gets to me. But I kno it will kill all the germs so I use it BUT I use it sparingly. And I always do an extra good rinse b/c I don't want my Baby bug ingesting any chemical.

For all the electronic toys I wipe them down with wipes. The wipes that they sell to clean and sterilize breast feeding products. All of those products are "ok" use on items that will be touching babies including things being put in their mouth.
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