Friday, December 24, 2010

The Bug is ROUGH

Grammy started playing this game with my Baby Bug where when she is sitting on the floor he pushes her down (one handed tackle) then he pulls her back up.  She calls it playing with him and she gets to work her abs all at the same time.  WELL this would be great EXCEPT he thinks he can do this with every person who sitting or laying on the floor.  He will walk up to you and push you down and then hen you are laying down he walks behind you and pulls you the hair.  I am trying to break him of this by explaining he cant pull you up by the hair, and to let him know he does not have to get upset or frustrated when people do not wanna always play when they are sitting and resting on the floor.  

Then we came to the east coast and he started playing my game with my cousins...well they get a kick out it too1  So its hard for me to keep telling him not to do that and everyone is laughing and egging him on...this is why my Baby Bug is spoiled.  He is not a bratt but he is spoiled.  I guess thats what happens when your the only little one in the family.  There has to be some fun rather than hearing "no" "dont touch" and "stop" all day. 

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