Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas PIctures: Take 2

So our first try at Christmas pictures with our favorite photographer Auntie KC, didn't go so well this year. We learned the hard way that my Bug is just way to active to sit still or do a confined photo shoot now.

A couple of weeks pasted and I got a coupon in my email for Picture people so i said hey why not try them They were good taking his baby pictures before so why not give it a try, i mean it was a free sitting free for an unlimited amount of people so why not.  This time i brought back up...i had Grandpa, Grammy and uncle dressed to impress and ready to take pictures as well.

The photographer was amazing! She was just the right amount of goofy/silly to get some great shots of my Baby Bug with all his immediate family members.  He fell and bumped his head during our shoot so we gave him some time to pull it all together and then he came back full force with energy and a smile ready to wrap things up.

Then i had to choose between some great photos for cards and his scarp book and then they printed them and i got them that day!

They were a little pricey BUT i got some great photos.  All the places that were cheaper I've tried (JC Pennys, Kidde Candide, Sears) but their pictures didn't come out very well.  If its cheap but i have crappy pictures that doesn't help me.  So i will suffer through only purchasing a few of the pricey ones but them all being amazing!

Here is a preview of some of our 2010 Christmas pictures...shhh its a sneak peak don't tell hehehe ;o)

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