Friday, December 10, 2010

Its Christmas time!

For all those who personally know me you KNOW this is my favorite season of the year. God is just in the air everywgere, Egg nog, sweets every day, decorations, family and friends and fellowship...i HEART Christmas time. 

My best friend says i am "spastic excited" this time of year.  Apparently i have passed that on to my Baby Bug through my genes because he loves Christmas time so far!

I was decorating the house and he followed me around all morning.  I would put up a snowflake or garland and he was stop and stare at it looking up saying "oooooooo". Then he tried to reach it to grab it and couldn't and got mad.  At first i thought he was excited at something new being put up but them i got wise. He just noticed it was something new to try and get in to mess with, but then everything was to high so he got frustrated. 

I wasn't gonna put up a tree this year, but my boss said that was unheard of with a child in my house during Christmas season, so she gifted me a baby artificial tree.  I have NEVER had an artificial tree but its kind cool. So next yera when i buy a tree i will have a decor tree and a real excited for this year and next year.

This season we went to his Grammy Auntie's house and meant up with two of his cousins and helped decorate the Christmas Tree.  FUNNIEST THING EVER. 

1. My 3yr old niece wanted every bulb she was given to be hung on one tree branch.  This little girl had 8 bulbs on the branch at one time.  My God mom said "honey lets spread them out" my niece then replied "no no gandma they all go on this tree i need more" LOL

2. My Baby Bug saw her bulbs on the tree and when he back was turned he took one off and threw it before she noticed.  She had issues with this of course and she jumped in his face and said "NO DEBIN STOP", and then low and behold he did it again, he laughed and she was pissed.  THEN my Baby bug got bold, he took one bulb off the tree and started running in the other direction.   My niece saw him running and full on two hand tackled him to the ground on the right side.  He had the bulb in his right hand and then when she wasnt looking he switched it up and moved it to the left hand so she couldnt get to it.  Once again she was pissed and he was laughing hysterically.

3. Then Grammy Auntie decided to show my Baby Bug how to decorate the tree.  She put a bulb on and he take it off.  Then she gave him a bulb to put on the tree and he hit another bulb with it, they were plastic so they wouldn't break in his hands. She then gave him a bulb and showed him again and then threw it in the tree, it landed on a branch and looked like it was hanging so he clapped like yayaya i did it and asked for another so he could do it again...such a boy HAHA.

The kids got tired of decorating the tree and then moved on to playing with the life sized nut cracker dolls. If the Baby Bug had been left with the nut cracker doll it would have been dead and destroyed in a day. 

All in all its been a good holiday season so far and i CANT WAIT for more Family, Fellowship & Friends! 

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