Friday, December 17, 2010

A new allergy

Yesterday my Baby Bug was at his grandpa's and he was playing by the fire place. He kept being instructed not to play near the fire place and his hard headed stubbornness he kept doing what he wasn't suppose to do. He then fell and hit his head. Two nice strawberries bright and big are on his fore head.

Later that night we came home and jumped in our routine, dinner, bath, movie & bed. He ate chicken nuggets and tator tots, bathed with all the same soap, I put neosporin on his cut when I put him n jammies, he drank some milk and fell asleep by 8:24.

I went along my normal routine, cleaning, laundry, laying out outfits for the next day, packing his lunch and diaper bag for the next day. About 10:00 I laid down for the night.

At 11:34 my Bug woke up signing milk, which now he makes the "k" sound with his mouth as he signs milk. He drank about 6ounces and went back to sleep. He was tossing and turning and then he woke up scratching his head. He was whining I wonder why so I turned on the lights to change his diaper. I unzipped his one piece p and found his whole little body covered in hives!

He looked horrible and all I could figure was he was in pain and discomfort. So I threw on a hoodie, slipped on shoes tossed my hair in a ponytail, bundled him up and started driving to urgent care. I also called the advice nurse on the way. I described all his symptoms and told her he had ingested nothing new within 24 hours. She told me he was allergic to something that had been introduced to him. So she instructed me to head to walmart and grab some Bendryl & calmin lotion. She couldn't official diagnose anything being a nurse BUT she was on point! Told me what to look for if it got worse and of course to let his doctor kno what went down.

So we headed to walmart and I called my dad. It was now 1246 and I didn't care. I needed to know everything my Bug had been into that day. Mean while i got my Bug some kids bendryl and lotion. I gave him the bendryl in the parking lot and kept trying to figure out what set him off with my dad on the phone the whole time. By the time we got home his hives had almost completely gone away. I dabbed on some lotion for the rest and he was good.

My bug got some sleep, not in pain and in comfort. I got a power nap. 2am sleep and up again at 4:45. Meanwhile 12hours later my dad and I were still trying to pin point what set him off, we couldn't find one thing! Then as I drove home from work I remembered I put neosporin on him. That was the first time I used the ointment and now the "on the go spray".

Turns out we think that's it! Apparently some people are allergic triple antibiotic ointments. So many people that Kaiser has stopped selling them! The pharmacist said the third thing causes rashes in a lot of people. So now I have to look for a double antibiotic ointment. Don't know the name of what it is that set him off yet but I kno that is the ONLY thing it could have been.

My Baby bug is for sure apart of our family! Almost everyone on my moms side has some sort of allergy or reaction to something so now he has shown us one of what may be many...Bendryl will be in my medicine cabinet from now on and I will know of all the 24hour pharmacy's just in case.
Times like last night are fun to look back on, what did I do I would differently next time. Being a mom, a single mom, an employed mom...I don't hesitate at taking the opportunity to learn and do better in the future for my Bug.
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