Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What they didn't tell me when i was pregnant...

When people find out you are pregnant its like your immediately holding up a sign you cant see BUT everyone can that says "I'm with child and lost please tell me everything you know about mother hood."  Weather they are a mother or not, weather you want their information or not...you get it.

Things i was told repeatedly that have been a blessing:

1. Sleep when your child sleeps

~OK this was the greatest piece of information i could have received.  I was probably the most non social mom for months, but i can tell you i was and still am the most rested new mother you have ever heard of! My bug and i got on a routine, my phone was turned off, the doors were locked and we slept. People could only contact me on the times he was awake until i started back at work.  It may sound rude, but it helped me stay sane since i was the only one getting up to change diapers and make bottles (with the exception of the nights where my family would let me get to sleep early and they would take my Bug for a few hours)

2. Labor is gonna hurt, its an indescribably type of pain

~so true, but so worth every moment.  The funniest thing about this is within a few months you forget! That's how i think women repeatedly have children.  They loose that ability to relate to that pain, they no longer can visualize the pain they were once in and can only focus on seeing their babies smile they have a  lifetime to see.

3. Be Organized 
~so true so true, being organized has made everything in my life seem accomplish-able.  As an unattached working mother i have to pack all the lunches for the sitters, have the clothes laid out with back up outfits for the "what-if" planned and plotted.  So having the toys cleaned up when my bug lays down, the dishes cleaned as i cook, the diaper bags packed and in the car the night before...really helps and makes things "at the moment" run very smooth.

The things i wish was told and everyone FAILED to mention (this could get graphic!)

If you are induced it could take up to three days! and most inductions (especially in overweight women) end in c sections.

Having a c section is not always a bad as people make it out to be.  Its your experience you do the research you know what you could be faced with and how to empower your mind and body to do what needs to be done.  After feeling contractions, all the woman i hear of who want to make appointments to have c sections are not as a crazy as i once i thought.  If i have another child i will be one of those woman. Its weird to be on drugs after your c section looking at your toes saying "move toe" and they do nothing hahaha... when able to move do it! Walk, drink lots of liquids, move side to side in your bed...it lets your body know "everything is ok" so that it can muster the good stuff up to get better. You will be in the hospital for at least 3 days.a maxi pad works as a GREAT "bandage" for your incision-its absorbs any moisture or fluids from your wound, and its thick to provides cushion between anything that may come in contact with your wound.

The first poop you take will be the hardest most uncomfortable poop of your life. Your muscles are sore and its just bleh. I mean muscles you didn't know you used to poop you will feel as you try to take that first poop. 

Sometimes your milk doesn't "drop" in enough time for your baby to being able to breast feed.its not the end of the world you adjust and child will be fine. my "developmentally advanced" (in his doctors words) child was not breastfed and he is smart, activity and not missing ANYTHING.

Your hair styles are no longer to be just cute, but they are all practical, and the pony tail is a moms best most worn friend.

You will always have the energy to love, hug, and kiss your baby when they make even the smallest of accomplishments.  Even if they happen at 3 am when you were awaken from your sleep...you will have the energy.

All and all every moment is fun.  Knowing the things you can look out for and even the element of surprise when something happens that you weren't aware of it is all apart of the experience.

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