Sunday, August 29, 2010


The best thing about being the momma to my baby bug is all the great stories that are created to be shared. The hard part is not overwhelming everyone with the so many cool stories I have with this amazing little bug!

Here's one for the record books though!

My baby bug has a new found fascination with the whirlpool action of the toilet when it flushes. I am constantly stopping him from him trying to make the water move on his own as well as stopping him from putting in toys to watch them in the whirl pool action. Last night I laid the bug down to sleep, then I start going through my night time routine of cleaning and prepping for the next day. I got to restroom to use the potty before I lay it down for the night & I lift to toilet seat lid only to find my baby bugs cloth soccer ball floating in the toilet!

Grosses funniest thing ever! He put it in the toilet and shut the lid and I had no clue it was in there. I don't even know how long it was in there, but I do know it had absorbed about half the toilet bowl water. The ball got its picture taken and was immediately taken the washing machine to go through a hot water and bleach cycle.

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