Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not in the crowd

On the weekend I clean, shop and cook for the week. I try to knock it out on the weekend when I have time b/c my time and money is valuable. Every dime that is placed into my account also has to be spent in a smart way. I have changed a lot in my life to accommodate this and live better in the long run. Fast food is a treat, going to a restaurant is a privilege, and anything beyond that is gift from the heavens.

Its hard for some people to understand that I can't do all the things I once did. If it isn't planned I can't do it, and even then I am more than likely gonna have to pull cash from something else in order to participate. For me not being able to participate isn't the hard part, but for me but the difficult part comes from those who can't understand when I can't participate. I'm on one income but paying the same amount of bills a couple pays. I have a sitter 5 days a week, so getting a sitter on the weekends can be difficult as well.

Another lesson I've learned in the last year, sometimes people r gonna be upset if I miss events and social activities but if they r close to me then they should truly understand and not take it to heart.

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