Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nap time

The best advice I received from anyone while I was pregnant was
"Sleep when your child sleeps"
Best advice I have received to this day.

My lil bug is 14 months and doesn't sleep through the night. Something in his brain wakes him up at about the same time every night still. All he needs is a diaper and some milk and he is out again, but will not stay sleep through the night to save either our lives!

I've feed him before bed, given him cereal to keep him full...nope. Taken him to the park and put him n the pool for hours in hopes that just makes him exhausted...nope.

I'm a working mother, a working unattached mother. If he doesn't sleep through the night who do u suppose is the one up to change the diaper and get the bottle...every night...u guessed it mwuah!

The challenges I now face when it comes to getting my nap when he is sleep is being at work when he naps.
I work 40+ hours a week, b/c I don't have the secret to making $$ just pop up in my bank account. So my bug gets his nap in the middle of day while I'm functioning on missing sleep from the night before. What I've done to adjust to this is changing my work schedule. 2 days a week I get off a little bit early so I can take a power nap before I get him from the sitter. I make the time up over those other three days of work so I'm not missing out on time and $$.

Going to parties and family functions sometime impede a little on our napping but that's not consistent so those days I just grab an extra shot of espresso in my morning coffee!

Even tho I miss out on some sleep I don't regret it, never once have I gotten up upset or frustrated. Its my bug, I wake up change a diaper grab a bottle and then he looks in my eyes and nestles his head in my chest as he drifts to sleep. At that moment missing sleep is the last thing on my mind, I don't know how that one moment restores energy, calms nerves but it does instantly! Know matter what you situation or circumstance know the good moments out weigh any of the "what if" feelings and circumstances that you could think of.

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