Sunday, August 29, 2010


When I got pregnant everyone felt it was their duty to share information with me and I took all the information I was given, weather it was wanted or not I took it.

10 months later (yes 42 weeks) My child came into the world and has been extraordinary since birth, but I've noticed all the advice I was giving really hasn't helped me as I ease into the role of motherhood.

My now 14 month old son has grown with an allergic reaction to milk, he is a picky little eater, and he is beyond super busy for his age group (we started walking at 5 months and unassisted at 7). I don't wanna hinder his growth and development so its my job to keep him challenged, well fed and healthy. At the same time I am playing mommy and daddy roles. I bring home the bacon, I clean it, cook it, and everything else in between you can name!

I am always looking for ways to obtain my goals while not getting stagnant while trying to do the same for my child. I want him to have a great childhood, to be active and laugh and experience everything I did plus more. So I'm always looking for ways to stay organized, cut corners, find the best deals, keep my bills paid and our necessities purchased, while spending time with my son creating memories.

I've read the "popular blogs" and look for the not so popular ones but none that I have found have assisted me in what I'm trying to accomplish. So with this blog I want to share my experiences, in hopes that someone else stumbles across it and can't stop reading because they are on information overload.

From this point on this is my story, my trial, and the testimony of Me & My Baby Bug.

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