Tuesday, August 31, 2010


When i found out my Baby Bug was inside me, i knew all the choices i made from that point on would be different.  What i didn't take into account were the people i thought i was close to in my life would changing as well. People i wasn't very close to got dramatically closer to me, leaving some close relationships of mine to have taken a turn for the worse. 

Its funny because its not just the people and who they are but my priority's changed.  It wasn't about living for that moment alone anymore but now i am not only living in that moment while im trying to live for the future moments as well.  Trying to keep my self organized and sane enough to plan for the moments i wanted to happen. 

With things being just me and my baby bug my tolerance for anything unhealthy to my moment, or future moments as well as his moments and future moments was and still continues to be cut.  It is simple i have no tolerance for the negative or those trying to hold me to be stagnant. 

I am his only parent, i have to make smart decisions for the both of us.  That is definitely harder said than done because some of the relationships im coming to grips with being closer and some i am loosing are with close friends or family members.  A child can harm or strengthen relationships, and in my case it, i have felt both.  All i can do is keep going...in hopes that my strengthened relationships keep getting stronger.  While those who have the not so strong relationships with me now start to comprehend that what i am doing is not just for the moment but setting up for a future with and for my baby bug.

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