Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One year and a half

A while back i wrote a blog entitled "Working on Stuff by 24 Months" well time flys by and we have hit our year and half mark (well technically we hit it a month ago but that's just a minor glitch) 

SO i figured i give an update on what we are doing now:

  • He is curious about how things work not just thing it self but what makes it do what it does (i.e. sitting for an hour to figure out how what keeps the jack-n-the box in the box, then discovering you dont have to turn the handle when you can move the latch and open it with out all the hassle) 
  • Is very agile
  • Eats Hot dogs, peperoni's, oatmeal, chucken nuggets, tator tots, spaghetti, and drinks green machine daily
  • Talks but not in English, as his God-Grandmom says "He has all the power behind the sentences just doesnt have it all together yet"
  • Smart and coordinated enough to understand the concept of T-Ball, he hits the ball, puts it on the tee to do it all again
  • Enjoys coloring, but wants to hold all the crayons
  • Has an attitude and temper like no other, if you tell him no he try's to re direct his angry on inanimate objects (he is learning still not to hit others) but he doesn't lay on the ground in a temper tantrum still any more (we nipped that in the bud quick!!) now if i can only get him to understand "keep your hands to your self!"
  • LOVES trains, he says Woo Woo when he thinks he see's one, even if its an 18 wheeler truck and not a train, it's "see woo woo see woo woo" 
  • Signs milk, and makes the "ka" sound when he signs, as he catches that sound when we say and sign milk back to him, he also says "ga ga" when he signs milk...i dont understand that one at all
  • Doesn't sleep through the night, wants milk in the middle of the night and then will go back to sleep...his doctor says that there is some sensor going off in his brain that's strong enough to wake him up and tell him he is hungry so he asks for milk.  Trying to feed him more in the evening, but he is so picky its hard. When he wakes up in the middle of the night he is no coherent enough for a snack to go back to sleep so we give him milk change his diaper and then he is sleep again
  • We sit on the potty when he wakes up. He wont do anything but he sits there for a good 5 minutes. trying to get him the habit of forming a routine so we can make this potty training process an easier one
  • Destructive little boys boy
  • Made friends in the children's ministry at church...they know his name and miss him when he isnt there
  • Cousin Mo started calling him GOODZILLA this Christmas after she watch him build things up and knock them down the entire trip
  • Likes playing peek a boo but behind someones back
  • Loves spinning in circles
  • Gives hugs and kisses

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