Friday, February 4, 2011


We are now into trains!

This is fun for me.  I was a little girl who grew up in the land of Barbie, Cabbage Patch and Rainbow bright.  So now we are into things i didn't play with so its a whole new world for both of us. 

My bug loves trains.  I do not know where he even saw a train to be so fascinated in them but he is. He picked up a train one day and just started going "woo woo" and every since we have been hooked.

Its even funnier to watch him with playing with trains with people.  The person who likes this the most right now is his Grandpa.  They build tracks, hook up engines with cabooses and all other sorts of things the trains pull along their tracks all day long.   This is serious business! they get into it.  My bug gets focused watching the trains and trying to place them exactly where he wants them on the track.  My dad gets even more focused at the engineering on how the track has to be built to maximize the Bugs attention span. 

They both zone into their worlds.  I didn't quite understand till i went to watch them one day and i have to say, it is a really cute thing to watch, because my little bug is so into it all!

It is quite fun now though that he can express his feelings and wants some.  This communicating thing is gonna be a fun ride and I'm looking forward to all the little moment and big moment that are to come!

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