Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tee Ball

This weekend we had a glorious three day weekend and though my weekend didn't seem start with me in the best of moods it sure ended with a smile on my face a my heart full of warmth. 

I bought my baby bug a Tee Ball set this weekend.  Training starts now...OK maybe not training per say but a new fun activity for us did began this weekend.  Our venture in the world of sports starts and gets more defined from this day on.

I had been pricing little Tee Ball sets but i found one at big lots for like 6 bucks cheaper than the cheapest one i found at toys r us, so i bought it...but today i will return it.  The one i found is a bit too flimsy for my Bug and he REALLY enjoys it so i will have to spring for the extra bucks to make sure he has one that is a bit more durable for him. 

The one we bought thats a little to flimsy
The one i think we are gonna get, b/c its a little more durable and has less parts

As soon as i set up his Tee Ball he went to town taking it apart, so that was my 1st indication this wasn't the set for him.  We finally got it all set up and started to open his bat and ball, then he stands on the Tee Ball set like its was a mic on a stand and the whole things just sort of tilted.  At this point i was wondering OK maybe he is to young for this.

Then i got the ball and bat set open and i showed him ONE time, the ball goes on the stand you hit the ball with the bat, and after that something clicked in his head that he could do this!

So then i put the ball on the stand for him and gave him the bat, he held the bat with one hand and swung and the bat went flying, funniest thing ever the look on his face was huh oh gotta get the bat! He knew that wasn't how i did it and the ball didn't get hit so he had to try it again. Check out his first video 

Didnt stop him from giving up though. He would hit the ball go it set it up again and swing away. He got pretty good to as the day went along.  Check out his second video

Now we are working on consistency, form and technique...like i know anything about these or baseball itself but if it is something he is interested in i am gonna learn all i need to to be active in my Bugs interest.  So today we are returning the flimsy Tee Ball set and spring the extra for the durable fisher price one. 

Its so awesome to see this little Bug grow up and get so excited learning all these new skills and putting them into play. When we get good practicing in the house then we will take our game to the park!  I think a little mitt will be the next purchase once we A. learn to hit the ball with two hands and B. conquer being able to bat with two hands.

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