Monday, January 24, 2011

Laughing Alone

My son is HILARIOUS! Not alone do i know this but he knows it and he laughs by him self all the time!

He loves the tub and being in the tub.  This weekend i was starting a load of laundry and he went in the bathroom and climbed in the tub, it was empty and i was watching him so no harm done. I couldn't figure out why he was getting in the tub, then he grabbed an empty shampoo bottle and just started to laugh.  When i say laugh he wasn't just chuckling or giggling he was laughing hysterically.

My mom said he was talking with his Angels.  So im gonna keep it in prayer that he has Angels watching over him, talking to him and guiding him in the direction that God has in store for him on his journey.  Attached is a video just so you can see that he was truly amused and tickled, its really a cute little contagious sort of laugh! 

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