Thursday, January 6, 2011


When i was a kid my dad had this huge video camera.  He lugged this hard protective case around with the camera in it to families house for Holidays, sporting events and dance recitals.  You never saw dad looking at you but you saw his camera toss on his shoulder or taking up 8 feet of space on a big clunky tripod.

I didn't understand the camera really then, but as i got older and i could reminisce on all the sports, recitals, and holidays we were glad he did have that big ole camera.  Now we are in the 2011 era and the video game has changed.

I won a Flip camera and it is great!  I wasn't to much into video cameras until i became the "Momma Bug" and now boy oh boy i have my Flip out all the time!

It fits in my camera with my cell phone, its simple and easy to work.  I got a cord with mine that plugs straight up to the TV and we can view videos there, or we can just flip the little USB port out of the side of the camera and plug it straight into the computer.  I love it! I can Upload to Youtube, transfer to my blog, or burn on DVD's with ease.

If you have a wish list definitely put a Flip video camera on it, it will pay for it self when you get to watch the baby you remember as they grow up, i know i am.  I have recorded my Baby bug signing, speaking, and other heart felt moments like pouring his bath tub water all over the bathroom floor...things that will melt my heart for a lifetime....thank you technology. 

****side note i hear the best price so far is at Costco for them.

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