Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day at CPP

Well on Saturday i took my Baby Bug to my Alma Mater...Cal Poly Pomona.

My mom use to take my brother and i up to Cal Poly when we were little and it was so much fun, i decided to start taking my baby bug.  I packed him a lunch through on his chucks and away we went.  Thanks to a reminder from one of my friends we also stopped to pick up a loaf of bread to feed the ducks.

Parking was 3 dollars on the weekend for an all day pass.  We went on a Saturday, so campus was almost deserted. I brought my stroller just in case he got pooped and once we got out of the parking lot he took off!  Baby Speedy Gonzalez could not believe i was letting he run anywhere and he was not being told to stop, slow down or come back.

It was so cute to see what a big boy he has become.  He was exploring the engineering building and that was cute.  He was doing BIG things, he walked up the stairs and down with no help.  He didn't use the hand rail, he didn't turn around and guide himself down.  He Climbed and down the stairs like a Big took a little while longer and he had to make sure all his weight was shifted correctly but he did it!

Then it was off to feed the ducks.  T through a couple pieces of bread in to show him how it was done, then gave him a couple chunks of bread to give to the ducks.  My Bug was more intrigued with the fish in the water than he was with all the ducks flying and fighting over the bread.  Which i can not lie the fish we a bit more interesting.  They are way bigger than i ever remember them back in the day.

Then we ran through the area where i graduated and my Bug ran up and down all the grass hills until he got tired. So glad i brought my stroller because after one lap through the CLA, passed the duck pond and engineering building, through the quad he was pooped! He walked over to the front of the stroller, sat down, and strapped him self in.

All in all it was a GREAT day, and we made wonderful memories had an amazing time and he was pooped at the end.  All for $3 and day of time with my Baby Bug.  Lovely and definitely recommendable to all!

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