Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I love crocheting. I learned when i was in the 4th grade and i have been doing it ever since. My great Aunts taught me, and made sure all my stitches were correct along the way.  They taught me to read patterns and how to omit certain things in patterns by looking at stitches.  Do not mean to toot my horn but i can look at stitches most times and tell ya what it is and then recreate it. 

I do not get the chance to do as much crocheting as i like these days because it just piles up around my house.  There is not much you can make for baby boys either. So i only get the chance to make stuff when i am going to a little girls birthday party, or a baby shower.  I started this new pattern or a little girls purse, and I've made a couple that people have loved.  SO i started up my Etsy account today.  WHich makes so much sense. 

Now i get to crochet, read patterns make all sorts of stuff and then hopefully someone will find it to be cute and come along and purchase it, then i can send it away! I get to crochet, and i get to make gifts that should be heart felt hand made tokens to make someone else a memory.

Needless to say i am excited, so feel free to stop on in and check out my Etsy Shop from time to time!

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