Monday, December 12, 2011

Relocated to the hall way

We are working on the Bug self soothing still!  So at night time when it is bed time i lay him down in his bed give him kisses and tuck him in.  He hates having to sleep alone. 

So much that the other night he protested in fake crys and then stopped 2 minutes in.  I was ecstatic! i felt we were getting somewhere with this self soothing thing.  Then 30 minutes later i am sitting in the front room and hear snores real close.  I figured he fell asleep at the foot of his bed and the door was open so it was louder for that reason.  I did not pay it any mind and i finished doing what i was doing.  When i as done i go up to go to my room and there i found my Bug laying in the hall way sleep.  Not only was he laying in the hallway BUT he had relocated all his stuff in the hallway!  He moved his favorite pillow, his blanket and his football pillow, closed his door and went to sleep.  Funniest thing i have ever seen..but now i am curious why doesn't he care for his room or his bed?

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