Monday, December 12, 2011


I am going to blunt and just say it, the Bug is playing me! Bug 1 Momma Bug 0 BUT i will be consistent and win the battle...i am determined. 

I have been sitting this black man on the pot  and he pee's but wont poop.  He wont tell me when he has to pee though he just pee's sometimes when he is there.  WELL now he knows poop is on his butt when he does poop, so he he will come to you with his butt facing you and look at you then say "apoo".  I am so frustrated because he will be on the pot and wont poo, but he know what poo feels like and doesn't want it on his butt!

So his teacher suggested i put underwear on him.  Seeing as the Bug is very particular and doesn't care to be dirty maybe poo'ing and pee'ing in underpants would a step in the right direction of getting him to poo and pee in the pot.  SO this weekend i put underwear on him...he flipped out when he saw cars on is butt.  He was so excited he did a little dance and everything.  But it didn't work at all. 

Next weekend we will go out at it again because like i told you i am determined to get this smart black man to pee and poop on the pot!

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