Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

After Thanksgiving we ventured to a Christmas tree farm not to far away.  It was awesome!  It was a local fun event that was free to get into and the Bugs God Mommy joined us for the day with her camera!  You know what that meant we got some EXCELLENT Christmas photo time!  

We got to the park and the bug ran into the petting zoo.  He chased the turkeys and chickens as the goats tried to eat his God Mommy and I.  We saw chickens, even chickens with feathers on their feet or as God Mommy said "these chickens have bell bottoms on their legs".  The bug was not to into the bunny's or the big tortoise but made sure he had a conversation with the horse waving and saying hi! 

Then we made our way to ride the pony's.  He LOVED riding the pony's even though he just went in a circle for like 5 minutes! There was games and rides there too.  My bug was not into the slides, or other rides and i do not know why because they are the same inflatable toys he plays on at pump it up.  We did shove him in the little kid mickey mouse bounce house.  He kept sliding out and the attendant was really good with kids and he started to play with him so the bug stayed in for a short while.  He then saw these John Deer cars in a little pin.  He drove one but he could not get the concept of steering down, so he would make his way to one end of the pin and crash and then try to turn the car around.  That attendant was not so great so we cut that ride down in time.  

The bug got to see the Christmas trees and run through them, but then we realized it was close to nap time as he lost his focus and listening ears, so we cut our trip short and headed toward the exit.  THEN we saw the gift store.  This might have been my favorite little small business Christmas store i have ever seen.  Just Christmas stuff everywhere and about almost everything looked homemade.   

The day was amazing and the bug fell asleep as soon as we got on the freeway to go home.  Pictures, animals, rides, and we ended it by having a treat at sonic, that's when the bug magically woke up to eat all my tots.  This day might become a tradition as the years pass by.

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