Monday, April 11, 2011

Keep your Twelve Cents

I have not been a mom that long BUT i have been one long enough to know that not everyone does this "mommy thing" the same.  Not even moms who have multiple kids do their mommy thing the same with every child they have.  Its impossible, because every mommy is different and every child is different. 

When you say it, it seems simple enough to understand, but i do not think you really understand it until your in the "mommy thing". 

Lately i have been running into a lot of people, mainly non-mommy people, assuming because the one mommy they are around does things one way i should be able to adapt and do it the same as what they have seen.  When they neglect to see im not that conforming person.  With out being a mommy i was never the person to just conform because of what someone else was doing. Now that my Bug is in the picture i sure as heck  wont change the routine and regiment i have set for my child just because someone they know does something a certain way.

For example, not all kids nap but those who do nap NEED naps. If im around people whose kids do not nap I LOVE how they just assume my Bug will function with out a nap because their kids do.  It gets even better when i am trying to explain i will be altering plans to give my Bug what he needs as every cause has an affect and a no napping Bug does not have a positive affect in anyone's case.  And they still do not listen to me as if i am not his mom and havent been with him every day since birth! LOL Then it tops the cake when they get agitated when stay true to my word and stop  to give my Bug what he does need like letting him nap. Attitudes, actions, words are giving like i am throwing a wrnech in their plans and should have just done what they wanted and kept going. 

Not only the non mommies expect stuff of you either. Those who have done the mommy thing give their crazy input as if i am suppose to do it their way as well! I know i am new, i know i am learning BUT my situation as an unattached mother is not like one you see on some after school television special. I am not choosing to do what i am doing built on a whim nor do i take any decision i am faced with lightly.  I keep my situation in prayer, and keep moving forward. I LOVE how everyone gives me their two cents on what i need to be doing and SPECIFIC direction on how i should be doing it as if i am a flighty, uneducated lady.

It took a while but have QUICKLY learned the ONLY thing that matters is me being the best mom i can be to my Bug.  At the end of the day that's all that matters. People who cant understand especially those who aren't in this "mommy thing" yet have to see that he is my focus. I will continue to pray, and work my butt off to be the best mom i am capable of being. If that means isolating my self away from some, or putting my foot down and doing whats best for my Bug i will no matter the cost. 

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