Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Dash Likes

My niece Baby J is having her first birthday party and it is a dress as your favorite Disney character party, in short i am EXCITED. 

My hunt started to get the Bug his first dress up costume!  Naturally i started at the Disney store which i thought was logical in hopes to buy a Disney costume for a little boy.  Well three Disney stores later i came to the conclusion Disney is sexist.  One fourth of all the stores we visited were princess dresses and none of them had one dress item for boys.  Its like they are setting boys up to think they can only play dress up in princess outfits.  The store had no Buzz Light year, no cars, and Disney just bought marvel comics (for all those who dont know) so you would think they would have a spider man costume right...yeah NOPE! I asked one of the sales associates in the first store if she had any boy dress costumes, thinking i had missed them, and she said " we have Woody's hat".  A Hat really lady...Cinderella has 5 different dresses and you offered me a cheap shiny plastic hat? Just dumb!

So after my hunt to buy in the store failed i went to my trusty old faithful acquaintances...Amazon and Google who answered all my  questions and fulfilled all my needs for less than $45.00. 

It was hard trying to think of what Disney characters to dress the Bug up as especially because i think the adults are dressing up as well.  I was going to dress up as snow white and then have the bug dress up as a dwarf, because that would have been CLASSIC, but the kid dwarf costumes had too many accessories.  My bug does not do extras right now, no hats (that don't serve to block the wind or keep his head warm in the cold), and no extras like Woody's gun holster.  It was challenge but i finally got a costume that works.  We are going to be the Incredible's because lets face it we are pretty daymn Incredible, corny i know but i like it!

My costume is make shift and not as elaborate as the Bugs, but we will look pretty awesome together dressed up...ya know while its still OK for mom to look cool with him. My Bugs costume came yesterday and although we have a couple weeks til the party, after trying on his costume i am even more excited to see all the kids having fun and dressed up on my nieces special day!


  1. I love these pics! Adorable :) glad u finally found a bangin costume!

  2. awwwww thanks me too! its fun because he likes it too!