Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Busy 2012

So much has been happening but i have not had time to sit down and post...SOO i am going to do an update via pictures...

Just throwing in a recent picture of me :o) 

The Bug has discovered Madeleines from Starbucks and he LOVES them 
 The Bug got a fishing pole (Blogspot wont let me change my picture direction so i will work on that for future, til then tilt your head!) Its so cute, it casts and reels and has a little fish that attaches at the end.  The bug has watched Grandpa enough times with his real poles, that when i opened the package the bug knew EXACTLY how to cast and reel...he will be catching us dinner in no time!

I have been crocheting a lot...just random i made these three things early in the month and this last week i have done three times the amount shown in this picture...just because. 

The Bug has been sleeping more, in random places at random times just knocks out like he has epilepsy LOL, i think we are approaching a growth spurt as we get closer to being a 3 year old

 My Bug was excited that girl scout cookie season came so soon. He knew what he wanted and go enough for him to carry 

We went to my nieces Disney character birthday party as the Incredibles because lets face it WE ARE PRETTY DARN INCREDIBLE! It was so much fun, my Bug slept soooo hard when we got home.

Cheese mom!

We went to Las Vegas as guests in a wedding.  It was so much fun. It was the Bugs first trip and he got all Vegas dressed up, walked with his Momma down the aisle preceding his Auntie, stayed up late, ate junk food and passed out at one point.  All in all it was a GREAT Vegas trip, especially for a first time trip! 

There has been a lot stuff in between all our excitement too here are a couple of funny milestones of progress:

1. We are still potty training and making PROGRESS! We can go to the pot and say potty when we have no bottoms on BUT you cant walk around life naked so its progress not complete. 

2. We are learning to count although he when the Bug counts it goes like this " WAH, Two, Pive, Two Pive YAAAAAAY"....and when we say our alphabet it is " A B B E B Q B E"...again its progress. 

3. We can hit a baseball off the tee, shoot the basketball in his hoop, kick a soccer ball consistently for about 30 feet, and throw and catch a football (throws under and over hand, and catches with two hands when u throw underhand to him)

 One more month closer to being older and learning so much more about the world he lives in!

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