Saturday, June 2, 2012

Settling Down

Well our life is starting to settle down some and get back on a routine!

I started going back to school, but then i decided i needed to take a break as we bought a house! Yes we bought our first home with Uncle Tre'. Its interesting for me to think about because i thinking the house i grew up in was the biggest house ever.  Now that i am older i know that house was a little over 1000 square feet and we went and purchased a house thats about 2500 square feet! So i know the bug has to think this is biggest house ever compared to his little self.

I have been working on getting the Bug back on a schedule and a routine in the new house and its been a bit challenging.  The bug is so excited to have a back and front yard, toys out side, and room to run spin and do everything else little boys do his hyper self is having issues staying focused, but i can tell you will keep working on it!

Not to long after we moved in the bug got his fishing pole and climbed on the island in my kitchen as i was cooking breakfast.  I did not stop him because he was focused so i wanted to see what he was going to do. He sat on the counter and started fishing. He was casting, reeling in his line and screaming "get it get it get it" the whole time.  Memories like these are reason i am glad we now have a house to settle in and i look forward to many many many more we will share.

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